Don’t Get It Perfect, Get It Going

Valentine’s Day seemed like a good enough day to start this project.  My Social Media handle was U2 Love and Logic, so half of it made sense.  But should I at least have a plan?  Stop being so Logical, and just get going.
Ok, ok, here I go.

Love, Love, Love
I had already played with the data for quite some time and knew that there could be a tie in with Valentine’s Day and Love.  What is U2 but not Love.  But can Love make Logic sexy?  

Perhaps Twitter and Instagram aren’t the best tools to display histograms, even when I use a sexy pink color.  Love appears in 73 of the 159 songs used in the analysis, but it would be impossible to display this on Social Media.  Wait, ‘love’ is in 45.9%, almost 50%, of U2 songs!    

SongLove CountSongLove Count
Hawkmoon 269 67Zoo Station 3
Stand Up Comedy 62Acrobat 2
Until The End Of The World 31All I Want Is You 2
Red Light 30Get Out Of Your Own Way 2
So Cruel 18Helter Skelter 2
When Love Comes To Town 18In God’s Country 2
Pride (In The Name Of Love) 17Like A Song… 2
Summer Of Love 17Miami 2
God Part II 12Moment Of Surrender 2
Love And Peace Or Else 12The Playboy Mansion 2
Love Is All We Have Left 12Tomorrow 2
Magnificent 12Two Hearts Beat As One 2
Ultraviolet (Light My Way) 12Vertigo 2
Love Is Blindnes 11Walk On 2
A Man And A Woman 9Yahweh 2
Exit 8A Day Without Me 1
Love Rescue Me 8Beautiful Day 1
One 8Breathe 1
The Fly 8Desire 1
Where The Streets Have No Name 8Do You Feel Loved 1
Discotheque 7Elevation 1
Drowning Man 7Elvis Presley And America 1
Mysterious Ways 7Get On Your Boots 1
Please 7Heartland 1
Angel of Harlem 5I’ll Go Crazy If I Don’t Go Crazy Tonight 1
California (There Is No End To Love) 5Lights Of Home 1
Love Is Bigger Than Anything In Its Way 5No Line On The Horizon 1
Miracle Drug 5One Tree Hill 1
If God Will Send His Angels 4Original Of The Species 1
In A Little While 4Stuck In A Moment You Can’t Get Out Of 1
Dirty Day 3The Miracle (Of Joey Ramone) 1
Every Breaking Wave 3The Showman (Little More Better) 1
I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For3White As Snow 1
Red Hill Mining Town 3Who’s Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses 1
The First Time 3Wild Honey 1
The Unforgettable Fire 3With A Shout 1
You’re The Best Thing About Me1

Again ‘Love’ is in 45.9%, almost 50%, of U2 songs!  This is a rather stunning statistic for a Rock n Roll band that was inducted into the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame the first year they qualified.  Is there any other major band that puts so much love out there?
With so much love, how could I resist a custom heart box to share with the world.  


Word clouds are fun, not very analytical, but fun.  They are also a bit tricky.  If the words are too long, they don’t fill out the shape well.  If there are not enough words, again, the shape won’t display properly.  But when they work, they look great, and make you smile.  And every time you reload them, the words change up, so you can find one that is very visually appealing. 
Happy Valentine’s Day!

U2 Love and Logic

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