A Sentimental Journey

U2 is currently in New Zealand preparing for the Asian Leg of the Joshua Tree Anniversary Tour. This brief analysis will look at the overall sentiment of the songs that the band might play. In other words…is it a 'feel good' concert experience. There are 3 different sentiment databases available in tidytext, NRC, BING and …

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Sleuthing Spotify

It is really a love-hate relationship.  The idea of Spotify is so intoxicating! What are Spotify users - across the globe - listening to?  How do tastes change across the continents.  With one simple little query, the world will have an answer. But, wait, what is this?  This data doesn’t make sense?  What does this …

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Pop Art II

In data, as in art, it helps to edit from time to time.  After summarizing the Lexical Diversity and Lexical Density analysis, it was quite clear that Songs of Experience was a new type of album for U2.   Removing Songs of Experience from the dataset, produces a more consistent Lexical Density graph.